Coco Montrese – Miss Gay America 2010

Coco Montrese, a Miami native and the 39th Performer to wear the Miss Gay America crown never considered a career in female impersonation until she went to a club one night with friends and saw Mokha Montrese who would soon become her drag mentor.  Coco was captivated by Mokha’s heart and soul performance on stage and knew then and there she wanted to be that kind of performer.  Not just a performer up on stage looking pretty, kicking her legs and showing off her awesome dance skills…one that would captivate and draw the audience into both her and her performance. 

Coco had never seen a drag queen in her life and got to meet Mokha after the show.  Mokha was so nice to Coco and said how pretty she was and that she wanted to put her in makeup.  So one day she did and Coco not only entered the talent show that night, she won!  Coco kept winning and the owner of the bar told her she should enter an upcoming pageant, Miss Dixieland National and she won that as well!  The rest is history, yet also an evolving story of a talented superstar performer that is at the beginning of a huge and blossoming career.  Coco never forgets her parent’s life changing words that “it’s all about love”.      

Coco accepted the Miss Gay America crown on February 27th, 2010 and Victoria Paul crowing her stands out the most as they had really grown close that year.  Victoria groomed Coco for the competition and taught her a lot.  It was a dream come true for Coco to have Victoria bestow the honor of the crown upon her.

Since then Coco has traveled almost non-stop around the country trying to keep up with am overwhelmingly busy schedule while also performing at her home base, the Flamingo Resort in beautiful St. Pete, FL as much as possible.  Coco’s favorite quote is, “Live Today Cause You Never Know if Tomorrow Will Come”!


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Written By: “Find a Drag Show”



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