Daisy Deadpetals

Born in upstate N.Y., Kenny Calabria moved to South Florida after graduating High School in 1991, where he attended New World School of The Arts and majored in dance.  During this time he started going out to night clubs where drag queens entertained.  Not only were the drag queens dancers; they were actors, stand-up comedians, make-up artists and hair stylists.  Kenny decided to give it a try; created a character called Daisy DeadPetals (a name he borrowed from a Tori Amos song) and has been performing ever since.  In 98', Daisy won the "National Entertainer of the Year" contest and traveled with the title, performing in major cities and small towns across the USA.  In 2003 Daisy added DJ to her skill set and has been awarded a community choice award of favorite DJ (voted by readers) from Express News.  Daisy has also been named "Best Drag Queen" in "New Times" several years.  In 2004 and 2005, Daisy played Carlo/ Carlotta in David Sexton's hit holiday musical "It's a Fabulous Life" at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

In 2004, Daisy joined WSVN's Channel 7's "Deco Drive" as Daisy D. (Queen on the Scene) a t.v. spot which ran for 3 years making Daisy the first major television drag queen correspondent.  During her run on Deco, Daisy interviewed celebrities including Kevin Klein, Meryl Streep, Lil' Kim, Mo'Nique and David Copperfield.  She reported on local events of every kind from "The Woman's Show" to "The Monster Truck Show!"  Daisy even wrestled Tanya Harding for a Spring Break event!  This past year in 2009 Daisy and Fort Lauderdale's Voodoo Lounge celebrated a milestone crowning Saturday nights "Life's a Drag" South Florida's longest running female impersonator show - 10 years!  Daisy is still going strong and continues to challenge herself and the audience expanding the definition of mere "drag-queen" to something much more complex and artistic.