Felicia Fox

Hello beautiful people!!!! My name is Felicia Fox and I'd like to thank you for scoping out my page.

About Me: I started really getting into the drag scene in 2010.  Some ask why?  I ask why not?  What's not to love about being on stage in the spot light with all eyes on you… Being a Drag Queen was not something I always wanted to do, in fact I wasn't even sure I liked it until i tried it!  Since that very first time on stage I new it was my calling.  Being a female impersonator was a talent I had hidden away for too long and I'm ready to show it off with all of you!  Not only am I staying busy with drag on the weekends but out of drag I am a career led young man.  During the work week I am a full-time Dental Assistant.  Dentistry is something I've always been interested in and it's a big help supporting my drag closet! 

Where to Find Me: For those of you who are interested in seeing me perform, you can catch me at Chelsea Nightclub in Tampa every Saturday night for the "Best Lil' Drag Show in Tampa".  Also if you're in the right place at the right time-you can catch me at various bars & clubs around the Tampa Bay Area. 

Coming Up: I planned on entering the Pageantry system for the first time in 2011 and on my first time out I won 1st Alternate to "Miss Gay Florida USofA Newcomer" and also "Most Beautiful"!  WOW!  I want to learn as much as I can about being a polished, humble queen starting with my Miss Gay Florida USofA Newcomer title.  I am very inspired by the queens in Florida as well as looking forward to meeting other queens around the world.  I hope to one day travel and win titles all over. 

Special Thanks: Thank you to all of my fans!  I have come a long way in short amount of time and I am very excited to make Tampa Bay proud!  Thanks to Nikki Ternon from the Chelsea Night Club for believing in me from the very beginning.  Thank you to all of my sister queens of Tampa Bay.  Thank you to my close family and friends for all your encouragement. 

~Felicia Fox