Logan Gladiator

My name is Logan Gladiator and I am a Male Illusionist in ColumbiaMissouri.  I have been a Performing Artist for just shy of 4 years and have booked throughout the local Midwest at numerous venues including Pridefests and College Campuses.

My home venue is Peppers Bar at 4515 Highway 763 (Rangeline St.), ColumbiaMo. 65202.  I perform weekly as a cast member there and have been since June of this year, when the bar officially became a Gay establishment featuring Gender Illusionist/Drag Shows on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  Along with that I am also a cast member with the Buttwisers Bash in Kansas CityMissouri performing with them at least once monthly at their home venue, Side Kicks Saloon, Kansas City.  Our venues actually trade bookings on a regular basis.

Another attribute to Peppers Bar is that it caters to the new artists who are wanting to give it a try.  A place of expression, opportunity, and support.  Our staff offers a family environment to nurture the artists with tips, stylists, and with the assistance of Gladiator Productions, set and costume design assistance. 

Thank You For Your Time!
Logan Gladiator