LARRY MOORE aka Lucinda Holliday

Well, I guess I should start from the beginning.... I grew up in a VERY small town in Iowa, where my parents still live.  It's a town of only 200 people and I am the youngest of 5 kids.

Being the youngest, I had to be VERY entertaining.  I learned how to make people laugh early on and never forgot how to do it.  Growing up FABULOUS in the Mid West was not the easiest thing in the world, but, having a great family beside me was amazing.  They have been behind me all my life.  Actually my parents asked me to perform at their 50th wedding anniversary.  I was able to show my family and friends that I am just a man who is an actor and a caring human being.  I played with my sisters Barbies. What FABULOUS little boy didn't?

I would tie them in the back of my trucks and strap the truck to the back of my bike. Then I would DRAG that girl around with me for hours. Going through mud puddles and trash piles. She would get so dirty, she would take her bath with me after supper. Then, after our bath, I would do her hair and dress her up so she and Ken could go on their date.  I made

earrings for her out of STRAIGHT PINS. I cut them off short and I would shove them in her head.  She had every color earring that I could find.  And, her pumps. She had every color and style imaginable.  She even had a pair of White and a pair of Green Go Go Boots. She was such a DIVA!!!!  My Grandma Prilipp even made clothes and accessories for her.

In high school, I began singing and dancing in the chorus, swing choir and even had lead roles in plays and musicals.  I had found my calling.  I was going to become a SUPERSTAR. Well there is only so far a person can go in a small town, so I came out to Tucson, AZ for a 3 month working vacation.  That was in 1989. And here I am!

Not long after moving to AZ in 1989, I found the art of Female Impersonation.  I knew I could do it so, I went to Kmart and bought my first polyester dress...and a hat (I couldn't do wigs at that time).  I picked out my name from AS THE WORLD TURNS, a soap opera. There was a character on there (Lucinda Walsh) that had everything she ever wanted.  She was powerful and I LOVED HER...So, Lucinda was born.  My last name came from my drag mentor/Tucson.  After his death in 1989, I took on his last name as a memorial.  So,

Lucinda Holliday was born. I have hosted and performed in shows at IBT's, COLORS, Woody's, The Graduate Hours, Coyote Moon Pub (I am probably forgetting some) in Tucson, for MANY years. I am known as Tucson's Queen of Comedy. I love to make people laugh and take them to the edge.  If I can make one person laugh each day, I have done my job.  I am the longest running Drag Queen in Tucson.  I am a dinosaur or something. A "drag-asaurus."

I started competing for pageants in 1990. I ran for Miss Gay Tucson 5 yrs. in a row and lost all 5 yrs in a row. Finally in 1994, I got Miss Gay Tucson by default.  The winner moved to San Diego.  I ran for Miss Gay Arizona the same year and WON.  It was an amazing time!  I went to the Miss Gay America pageant in Dallas that year and met Patti Le Plae Safe,

MGA 1995.  Patti and I have remained true friends this whole time.  We have traveled all over the world exploring.

Because of the pageantry and drag I have met tons of great friends...I have also met some complete pains in the ass...

Since competing at MGA in 1995, I have been at MGA nearly every year and became the Official Jeweler in 2001.  In 2005 I became the Official Jeweler to La Femme Magnafique and then in 2008 also to All American Goddess.

I have watched a few queens have their dreams come true.  I also watched a whole bunch of turds have their faces cracked.  Don't worry ladies, there is plenty of room on the

BOOGER BUS for all of us.  I am the head BOOGER and I am giving away free rides.  Please UNfasten your safety belts, it is gonna be one hell of a ride.

I even became the promoter for the Miss Gay Tucson America and Miss Gay Arizona Pageants.  Along with a local Miss Gay Latina Pageant.  I produced 19 very successful contests. Each pageant was attended by hundreds of spectators and supporters.  I enjoyed it so much, but it became too much for me to handle.  In 2002 I produced my last Miss Gay Arizona Pageant.  Giving up the pageant was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  But, I have moved on to different things.  While still keeping my hands in the contests as a consultant and judge for local and regional pageants.

The year 1989 was a huge year for me.  I began beauty school and I have been doing hair ever since.  I love to do hair, it affords me to come and go as I please and take as many trips as I can handle.  Plus, I get to talk all day long.  And girl let me tell you, these women can talk too.  They love to gossip!!!!!

In 2000, I was blessed to be in a musical comedy called "When Pigs Fly".  It was an amazing experience.  Many hours of rehearsal and confidence building.  I had the best time of my life with that show.  I have built some lasting friendships.

Because of the live vocals in the show, I decided to bring that to my drag show.  Now, I host, lip sync, do comedy and I sing live.  I have been enjoying it so much.  I am also looking into doing another musical in the near future.

Recently, I have been doing a ONE WOMAN SHOW and traveling around selling my jewelry.  The show is ME on stage for 1 1/2 hours.  I sing, lip sync and do live stand up comedy.  I have had a great response from the show.  So, keep your eyes open for it.  I will be going to many national contests as well, selling my jewelry. See you there.

After 12 years of not competing in pageants, I decided to run for Miss Gay NCC because someone I disliked was running and I won.  That same month I ran for Miss Gay AZ USofA at Large and I won...I then went to Miss USofA at Large, not wanting to win...I met a lot of new friends.

In 2003, I was approached by the Casino Del Sol to put on a celebrity Impersonation show every Saturday night.  The show lasted 2 1/2 years and we had a great time and found a whole new fan base.  We had Barbie, Cher n Share alike, Liza, Judy, Wynonna, Tina, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Annie Lennox, Elvis, Totie Fields, Diana Ross, Selina, Beyonce and others...TOTALLY FUN!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this...I enjoyed writing...

If you are going to drink and drive, please drive someone else's car!