Vanity Vane

My name is Vanity Vane. I've been entertaining people in the state of Florida for over two years.  I'm a self made entertainer and watching others in the business is how I gathered my knowledge. I've started by entering contests and doing benefits to get my experience and fan base. Shortly after I landed a gig working with great entertainers who helped me and encouraged me to be better. Today I can consider myself a great entertainer and host/mc. I'm currently residing in the city of Orlando. Performing in various venue in and around town. I've performed in Miami, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Melbourne and Orlando. I'm currently working on getting out to Tampa Bay and Clearwater Area.
I'm thirty years old, born and raised in Pennsylvania. Move to Orlando ten years ago and never left. I'm happily in a serious five year long relationship and my partner supports me 100%. Many people ask me how I got into the drag world. Its really a long story. But to put it short, It took a lil make up and a wig to convince me I could pull of impersonating a female. Then someone steered me into trying to perform and it was such a rush, that I found myself loving the craft. I dedicate myself and extra time to mastering the art of performing and impersonating.
I'm a fun and loving person and love to meet and make new friends in all the GBLTS communities. I enjoy inspiring others to perform as well as the craft of illusion. I always treat everyone with respect and dignity. I'm told I'm hilarious, charismatic, and energetic. I'm always willing to help others get there start in this lifestyle.
It's a fun and exciting world. So, find a venue near you and support your local Queens!

You can catch me performing at:

724 Virginia Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 894-4747

741 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32805-2267
(407) 373-0888